Tanzania: One of Africa’s best safari destinations

Traveling to a foreign country usually involves detailed planning.  What are the highlights, where should we go, and if travel time and budget is limited, which country offers the best all-round experience?  For many travelers planning on an African safari, these and similar questions arise.  Fortunately, as far as the excellent African safari experiences are concerned, there are clear indications of which countries are head and shoulders above others.  Considering the feedback from an extensive number of safari travelers and industry pillars, one of Africa’s top safari destinations is Tanzania.  Let us consider some of the reasons why Tanzania is an excellent choice for your African safari:

Tanzania’s national parks

Tanzania has several very prominent national parks, including the famous Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park and the Mahale Mountains National Park to name a few.  Each of these national parks offers something unique, whether landscape or wildlife.  This means that the safari traveler with time at leisure, can visit each of these parks and enjoy a completely unique experience.  The Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro National Park are synonymous with the spectacular annual wildebeest and zebra migrations across the Serengeti plains.  For many people, this is and will remain a safari highlight that cannot be matched by any other African wildlife experience.  For the wildlife enthusiast keen to see all that Africa has to offer, the Tarangire National Park offers sightings of the scarce tree climbing lions.  With the Tarangire River flowing through this park, the safari traveler is guaranteed excellent wildlife sightings.

Tanzania’s wildlife

Home to over 20% of the continent’s wildlife, Tanzania is thriving with African wildlife.  The sheer number of Africa’s greatest wildlife makes Tanzania one of the best wildlife viewing countries that Africa can offer.  Its lion populations are particularly known for their good wellness and energy.  With vast open grassland plains supporting huge wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, elephant, and many more, as well as bird species, travelers looking for a satisfying safari experience will be highly pleased.

Tanzanian culture

The authentic African experience should never exclude cultural experiences.  In Tanzania, culture and wildlife expeditions can easily be combined. Tanzania has many local tribes that can be visited, with friendly villagers and proud host country players.  Touring the Masai villages and staying overnight in traditional villages, learning about culture, cuisine and lifestyle is a firm favorite among international travelers.

Tanzania: accessibility & affordability

Two key factors that contribute significantly to Tanzania being one of Africa’s top safari destinations is its accessibility and affordability.  Tanzania boasts with 26 airports, including the Julius Nyerere International Airport and the Kilimanjaro International Airport.  With a well-developed tourism industry, Tanzania offers safari experiences at various budget levels, and there are many affordable yet high quality safari options to choose from, making Tanzania a highly desired safari destination.

Tanzania: a perfect safari destination at any time of the year

Tanzania is a perfect safari destination all year round.  Even during the rainy season, safaris turn out great successes.  This is because the typical late afternoon rain storms are predictable – and safari activities can be planned around the rain storms.  Typically, rainfall should not interfere with the best wildlife viewing times of early morning and early evening.  If you do happen to visit during the rainy season, visiting northern Tanzania will be your best choice.

Tanzania is one of Africa’s most loved and highly respected safari destinations.  Tanzania offers the local and international traveler excellent all-round safari experiences, with safari options and local experiences to suit individual desires.  Choosing Tanzania as your safari destination, particularly for migration safaris, promises fantastic experiences.